How to Complete your Certification in My Zartico

Up-level your skills and build your data literacy with ZDOS™ with certification

Mastering the ZDOS® for Agencies is our certification composed of different courses (called a learning plan) that introduce you to Zartico, Zartico data, the ZDOS™, and strategic planning principles to impact your client's destination. Mastering the ZDOS® Certification can be found on your Learn and My courses and Learning Plans page in My Zartico. Accessing your Certification Learning Plan

Mastering the ZDOS® learning plan card will display the number of courses included in the learning plan, the learning plan’s duration, and your progress in it. To access the certification learning plan, click on its card. The certifications learning plan’s main page shows your learning plan progress and other general information and details, such as the number of courses included in the plan and its description. If you have not yet started the learning plan, click on the first course to begin your journey or the Start Learning Now button.

If you’ve started a course in the learning plan but have not yet completed it, press the Resume Training button to continue the course.

The Resume Training button is displayed only when you have a course in progress.

Screen Shot 2023-11-20 at 4.58.59 PM

Screen Shot 2023-09-18 at 7.42.28 PM

All of the courses within the learning plan are listed in the second half of the page. Courses are also marked by a status icon, that is colored or grey according to the number of lessons completed.

Select a course in the list to be redirected to its training materials. 

When you complete all courses in the Mastering the ZDOS™ learning plan, you the main page will indicate this by saying Learning Plan Completed and you can download your certificate. 

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