How does Zartico use large samples of data to help you have the clearest view of the visitor economy?

Geolocation and spending data come from the largest commercially available samples of travelers, but what does this mean for you?

Curious about sample sizes?

Zartico brings in data that many destinations have never had access to before, and makes it possible for you to see deeper into visitor trends in your destination. But the way we use this data may be new to you, so here's a little background on why we do what we do, with the Zartico sample size methodology.

Let's use an analogy...

🍕 Imagine you are throwing a family-friendly pizza party for 100 people, and it's your job to order the pizzas. Would you need to go around and ask all 100 people what kind of pizza they plan to eat? No! You could ask a certain number of people, and have a pretty good idea of what kinds of pizza and how much you should order. 

The sample size needs to be big enough.

You would instinctively know that asking somewhere around 10 people would probably be plenty to get the gist of what everyone will eat.

The sample size needs to be representative of the total group.

 But just asking 10 people wouldn't be helpful if you asked only female adults who are vegetarian... You would have to make sure you asked a few men, women, and even got an idea of what a kid or two might eat. In doing this you would be creating a representative sample size!


Are you hungry for pizza yet?

About something much more serious, our little unscientific pizza party analogy is meant to help you understand some important and very scientific methods regarding the way we approach sample size and sample representivity.



Zartico data is from large, reliable samples, with great sample representivity. 

There are many more details to how we do this, and we want you to feel acquainted and comfortable with our approach! 

Read the whitepaper to get all the details!

Zartico's whitepaper on sample size written by our own Alexandra V. Pasi, PhD will help familiarize you with our approach.