Guide: Your County (Module Overview)

Learn more about how this module is a great summative overview of your destination!

The Guide: Your County module helps you see top-line numbers of the visitor economy for each county, so you can effectively demonstrate the value of the visitor economy to stakeholders. 

Questions this module is designed to answer:

  • What are your top origin markets?

  • How does Visitor-to-Resident Ratio vary by the cities in your county?

  • How do in-state and out-of-state visitors compare in their spending behavior within your county?

  • What percentage of total patrons are visitors?

  • What are the top places of interest?

  • How do visitors spend money in the county?

  • What is the sample size of the data used in the above insights?

Insights You'll find in this module include: 

  • Top 10 origin markets
  • Visitor to resident ratio by city
  • Share of Visitor Spend & Visitor Wallet by Category
  • Visitors as Percent Of Total Patrons
  • In state vs out of state visitor spending
  • Top Points of Interest
  • Visitor Spending Profile
  • Top Markets Ranked By Avg Visitor Spend
  • County Employment by Industry Sector
  • Visitor Count
  • Visitor Cardholder Count

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