Evaluating Market Opportunities

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When looking for market opportunities, there are a couple of ways to look at it. 

Uncover new opportunity markets 

Areas that maybe you have not historically marketed to, but could represent value for filling in a mid-period or pulling from an untapped opportunity. 

Look at your Strategic Planning Module - This area can be a great tool for identifying markets for a need period.
During High Periods - Look for your ideal visitor. Direct efforts and influence more visitation where you already have a lot of visitors from the market area. Look for the visitors who are more likely to stay longer, to impact spending, and to impact the community in key areas like accommodations, restaurants, and retail versus those who only come for the day. 
During Low Periods - Seasons when you are trying to get more visitors because hotels or restaurants need help and it's a slow season when people are not typically traveling to your destination. 

Once you identify your need period and filter your dates, follow these simple steps:

  1. Look at your top origin markets in your destination
  2. Look at your top origin markets for spending 
  3. Identify top markets staying at your accommodations.

Watch this video to see our data strategist, Danielle Ackerman, demonstrate evaluating opportunity markets in the ZDOS®. 

Understanding tried and true market behaviors

Market areas that are typically part of your geographic targeting mix during annual campaigns or seasonal campaigns.

Look at your Origin Behavior Module - This is a great resource for evaluating markets that you have historically been investing in. This module allows you to look at specific market areas that are part of your geographic targeting mix in your campaigns, to understand their behavior over time and how their behavior compares to our overall visitor.

Once you identify and filter for your core tried and true markets and filter your dates, follow these simple steps:

  1. Look at your KPI to evaluate how these markets compare to your average visitor. 
  2. Look at how these traditional market areas compare to your overall visitors in key spending and visitation categories. 
  3. Evaluate the demographics of your traditional markets to help personalize and tweak your current marketing efforts. 

Watch this video to see our data strategist, Katie Stadius, demonstrate evaluating your tried and true markets in the ZDOS®.