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Does the ZDOS feature ad attribution?

What has traditionally been meant by ad attribution is riddled with confusion, which is why we've developed a website contribution methodology.

At Zartico, we're moving away from what has often been called an attribution model and towards a more holistic contribution model.
We've realized boards and stakeholders in many destinations across the country aren't believing the retail spend numbers attributed to a single destination brand advertisement.
In our website contribution methodology, a single non-expiring pixel is placed on the client’s website, which integrates geolocation data, the client’s Google Analytics, and the place-based poi strategy into the Integrated Data Model.
This allows us to see many ways in which a destination's marketing strategy contributes to a visitor showing up in their market including:
  • Did web visitors travel to the destinations researched?
  • How long does it take between site visit & visitation?
  • What are the top converting pages?
  • Which market areas are converting the most?
  • What are the visitation patterns by places visited and origin market?
  • Whether travelers visit the same locations in the destination that they research on the partner’s website
  • How website-influenced visitors travel differently in a destination than those who used other sources of information for research and planning. This highlights the DMO’s role in shaping visitation patterns. 
So as long as the DMO client and any agency partners remain closely aligned in their UTM tagging strategy, all inbound traffic becomes activated for this contribution analysis. 
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