August 31, 2023 Release Notes

This release gives some love to our Canadian partners, and makes our Visitor/Resident filter easier to use...

🇨🇦 New Features of the Canada ZDOS MVP:

Canadian partners: This release brings in new opportunities for you to try out an additional test ZDOS more tailored to your needs-- You are currently on a US product and this is a test of a product crafted just for our Canadian partners! 

Canada: Canadian Weather Stations

You've wanted weather stations data-- You'll now get weather station data in Celsius and millimeters!

Canada: Spend - US Cardholder Spend

You've wanted spend data-- You'll now get spend information on what US visitors are spending in Canadian dollars!

Canada: Spend - Benchmarks

You've wanted spend benchmarks-- You'll now have access to spend benchmarks in local currency!

Canada: Digital/Social Connections with currency data in CAD

You've wanted access to digital/social connections data in Canadian dollars-- You'll now have access to digital/social connections data in local currency!


In addition to these updates, here is one that applies to all versions of ZDOS...

👀 NS & State:  Visitor Flow Module: Update Visitor/Resident Filter to remove the word ‘metric’

We recently added a new Visitor/Resident filter to the Visitor Flow module, but some users found it confusing to see the word "metric" in there, so we have removed this word.