What reports should my team be receiving?

Here is a curated list directly from the Zartico Strategic Advisors of who should get what reports set up in the ZDOS® so you have a "go-to" list!

Below is what we'd recommend setting up as automated emails ("Intelligence Briefs") to deploy to the various members of your team and agencies.
If you are on board with what we've outlined below, you can easily schedule your own reports. Find out more about how to do this here
Curious whether it's best to share the whole module or just the insight? Follow the rules below:
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Modules To Share On A Recurring Export


Director's Brief:

Who: Anybody/Everybody. 
What: High level and customized for your destination. It's a great tool to have everyone organizationally aligned on the data.
Cadence:  Monthly on the 25th of the month to allow for monthly STR to populate

Guide: Your Destination:

Who: C-Suite + Board
What: Provides a snapshot of the health of your destination's visitor economy.
Cadence: Monthly on the 25th of the month to allow for monthly STR to populate
Note:  We'd recommend either you forwarding to your board or us setting this up to send 2 days after you receive so that your team is prepared should questions arise. It does contain backdated STR, so you'll want to check your STR agreement before forwarding to anyone outside of your organization.
A little more on scheduling according to STR...
Zarticoach_Basics of ZDOS® 3.0

Foundation: Demand Generation:

Who: Marketing + CEO/VP roles + Agency
What: Allows you and others charged with driving demand to understand how to increase high-quality visitation.
Cadence: 12th-ish of the month to allow for prior month's geolocation and spend to populate

Foundation: Economic Opportunity:

Who: CEO/VP roles + Board
What: Helps your leadership focus the economic power of the visitor economy into economic opportunity for your residents - it's focused on visitor spending, taxes and BLS data.
Cadence: Quarterly

Trends: Group Sales:

Who: CEO/VP roles + Group Sales team members
What: Allows you to see what future demand your sales team already has on the books, where your gaps are, and what lead room nights you have left to close.
Cadence: Monthly

Marketing: Planning:

Who: Agency
What: Provides a picture of how visitors from a select (or multiple) DMA are interacting with your destination. We can help your agency set this up to focus on priority markets in training.
Cadence: Quarterly (or more frequent if they like)

Marketing: GCM, paid search, social media and website content

We also have marketing modules dedicated to GCM, paid search, social media and website content that we can set up to send to the manager/agencies charged with managing those specific channels.

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