What is a Contextual POI?

You might hear this term often throughout your milestone meetings on your implementation journey. Let's define what we mean.

What are Contextual POIs?

Contextual POIs are industries critical to the success of the visitor economy. However, Contextual POIs are not the primary reason a traveler chooses a destination i.e. a Primary POI. You can also think of Contextual POIs as the satisfiers your destination offers a visitor during their experience. 


How are Contextual POIs used in the ZDOS® and what data do we get from them?

In order for someone to be counted as a visitor, they would need to cross the destination boundary, be in the destination for more than two hours and visit a POI (primary or contextual). Given that someone has to visit a POI, the addition of contextual POIs to your place-based strategy helps to strengthen the measurement around visitor volume and origin markets. Especially in your designated neighborhoods where you are aggregating POIs together. Contextual POIs are pulled from within industries critical to the visitor economy, such as accommodations, retail, restaurants, transportation, medical, outdoor parks, etc. These POIs are not the primary reason a visitor chooses a destination, but still contribute to the visitor economy. The Primary POIs are predominantly there to understand visitor flow to the most important places in a destination and the contextual POIs are there to provide context around the total visitor economy (e.g. what percentage of my restaurant patrons are visitors vs. residents?). In your ZDOS, contextual POIs are presented as an aggregated total of each category. If there is a point of interest you want to track individually, it should be on the primary POI list.


Contextual POI Categories:


Visitor Centers

Motels Bars Parks

Bed & Breakfasts

Theme Parks Stadiums
Guesthouses Nightclubs Vineyards
Campsites Pubs Retail
Restaurants Art Centers  
Golf Courses Zoos  
Attractions Gift Shops  
Cafes Airports  


Contextual POI Categories listed are from Open Street Map and are not defined by Zartico.

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