What are the module categories in the ZDOS?

Here's a list of the categories of the modules you will find in the ZDOS...


The ZDOS is organized into categories to make it easier for you to find what you need. All the modules fit into one of the categories below...


Director’s Brief - Tailored to YOUR destination

Foundations - Aligned with Zartico’s Five Foundations of a DMO

Guide - A quick snapshot of what is happening in your destination the previous month

Lodging - Health of your lodging industry

Marketing - Modules related to all areas of marketing, from reporting to planning. Also includes Website Contribution

Trends - Insight into what is happening and how things are changing over time

Visualizations - New resource guide for your dynamic visualizations


Want to watch a video explaining the categories? Check this out...

HubSpot Video


Note: The modules you have within these categories will depend on what package and data connections you have. To find a list of these modules and their descriptions, review the list of 3.0 modules and descriptions.