Update to Visitor Spending Calculation in 3.0

You may be curious to know whether all your data is calculated the same way in ZDOS 3.0, and "Average Visitor Spend" is one that has evolved-- find out more here!

Why did this change?

We made the change to more accurately calculate our Average Visitor Spend metric to include spending across all visitor metrics.

What changed? 

We’ve updated the Affinity Credit Card metric to more closely match the structure of our geolocation data metrics.  

CCS - Visitor Spending:

In 2.0, this metric was filtered by the Merchant City Variable.

In 3.0 in addition to City it is also filtered by the Location - County Filter Variable based on Advisor feedback. We have also updated the MCC codes we filter out for not being tourism-related, reassigned some MCC codes to different Categories, and created a new Category for Gas & Service Stations. 

How did this affect my data? 

You may see a shift in the visitor spending data as spend categories were adjusted. This means that when it comes to Visitor Spending data, you can expect to see an enhancement of this data based on our always-evolving data science practices.


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