Foundations: Distribution-Visitor (Module Overview)

Want a module to help equitably manage visitation to your destination?

See how you can distribute visitors to under-visited areas and away from hotspots, so you can equitably manage visitation throughout your destination.

The second of the Five Foundations of a Contemporary DMO is Visitor Distribution. These are a set of techniques you can use to maximize the economic opportunities from the visitor economy while maintaining a high resident quality of life. Use these insights from the Zartico Location licensed data set from Near to see where your visitation is concentrated, where your Visitor-to-Resident Ratio is high, where you have unsold hotel inventory, and seasonal shifts in visitation patterns.

Questions this module is designed to answer: 

  • How is your visitation distributed by region?
  • Where are there potential tourism hotspots?

  • When and where do you have available hotel capacity?

  • How does visitor behavior change over the course of the year?

  • How does average visitor spending change over the course of the year?

  • How do visitor demographics change over time?

Insights you'll find in the the Demand Generation Module include: 

  • Visitors % of Total:
  • Visitor-to-Resident Ratio:
  • Available Hotel Inventory
  • Visitor behavior change over year
  • Visitor spending change over year
  • Visitor Demographic Trends


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