Marketing: Social Media (Module Overview)

Want to see how your social media is performing?

This module allows you to see how your organic social media performed this month, so that you can optimize your social strategy to align with your destination's goals. Learn how your social reach is trending by week, along with your top posts from your different channels. You’ll also find insights into which post types are drawing the most attention, and how your paid social is performing.

Questions this module is designed to answer: 

  • How does your organic social reach vary by week and which posts saw the highest engagement?
  • What is your average engagement by post type?

  • How does your paid social performance compare year-over-year?

  • Which link click campaigns are the most efficient?

Insights you'll find in the the Demand Generation Module include (Dependent on socials brought in): 

  • Social Reach by Week
  • Facebook: Top 5 Most Engaged Posts
  • Instagram: Top 5 Most Engaged Posts
  • Top 5 Most Engaged Tweets
  • Top 5 Most Watched YouTube Videos
  • Facebook: Avg. Engagement By Post Type
  • FB - Average Engagement
  • Instagram: Avg. Engagement By Post Type
  • IG - Average Engagement
  • Twitter: Avg. Engagement By Post Type
  • Campaign Cost & Performance

Note: Twitter and YouTube are available in standard and Enterprise packages.

 Watch this overview walkthrough of the Social Media Module. 
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