Foundations: Destination Management (Module Overview)

Measure and understand the impact of the visitor economy on your destination, based on Zartico’s “Five Foundations of a DMO.”

This module allows you to see a snapshot of the health of your visitor economy, so that you can interpret the breadth and communicate it to stakeholders. See visitation from your top Visitor DMAs, along with our Visitor-to-Resident Ratio to understand the density of visitation in your regions. Find out how visitation to your different POI categories changes over the year. Understand the average visitor spend in different categories, how much they comprise of the total spending for each category, and what categories they spend the most on—what Zartico calls “Share of Visitor Wallet.” And finally, see how many jobs are directly supported by leisure & hospitality.

Questions this module is designed to answer: 

  • Demand Generation - How does your visitation change by season from your top origin markets?
  • Visitor Distribution - Are there any potential tourism hot spots?
  • Visitor Distribution - Does visitor behavior change throughout the year?
  • Economic Opportunity - What is the visitor impact on your destination?
  • Economic Opportunity - What are the trends in leisure & hospitality employment?

Insights you'll find in the the Demand Generation Module include: 

  • Seasonality In Visitation By Visitor DMA
  • Visitor-to-Resident Ratio By Month
  • POI Category Composition Over Time
  • Avg. Visitor Spend Per Category
  • Share of Visitor Spend & Visitor Wallet by Category
  • L&H Quarterly Direct Employment

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