Foundations: Demand Generation (Module Overview)

Am I generating the right type demand in line with my needs and resident shared values? Learn how this modules answers this question!

In 3.0 we’re introducing new modules built around The Five Foundations of a Contemporary DMO

The Foundations: Demand Generation module will help you understand if your programs are generating the right type and volume of demand, so you can balance growth in the visitor economy with residents’ quality of life. Too much demand, or demand too tightly packed in too small of an area, undermines the resident quality of life and the visitor experience.

This module takes the overall visitation to a destination and splits it out into individual components, both from a geographic and a behavioral lens to provide greater specificity on who is traveling, why and when they are traveling, what their economic impact is and gain insight into how you can attract more visitors with desired characteristics.

Questions this module is designed to answer: 

  • How Does Your Visitation Change By Season?
  • What types of activities are your visitor's engaged in? 
  • Do visitors to your destination have different rates of overnight visitation or spending based on the types of activities they engage in? 
  • How are your visitors engaging in your website?
  • What is the sample size observed in your destination? 

Insights you'll find in the the Demand Generation Module include: 

  • Year-over-Year Visitor Economy Index
  • Market Index
  • Market Opportunity - Top Visitor Markets
  • Seasonality In Visitation By Origin Market
  • Destination Activities By Week
  • Behavioral Visitation & Overnight Visitation
  • Visitor Spending by Category
  • Paid And Organic Search Traffic Percent
  • Paid & Organic Search By Content Topic
  • Visitor Device Count Sample Size
  • Visitor Cardholder Count Sample Size

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