Integrate Facebook Business Manager

Grant Zartico permission to Facebook Ads Manager by following these easy steps!

By including your Facebook Organic and Paid Performance in Zartico's Operating System, you will be able to efficiently distinguish between average and exceptional social performance. 

Great news! If your Facebook page is connected to Business Manager, email your Implementation Specialist your Business Manager ID and we can request access for you, saving you time.

Or you can manually follow these steps to add Zartico as a Partner to your Facebook page:

Facebook Business Manager (Facebook, Instagram)

  1. Go to Business Settings (
  2. Go to Partners
  3. Select Partner to share assets with
  4. Copy + Paste the Zartico Partner Business ID: 655979665318063
  5. Click Next
  6. In the Select Assets field, select your DMO Facebook Page
  7. Scroll down on the righthand menu
  8. Click the toggle to activate View Page Performance and View Earning Insights
  9. Next click Ad Accounts under Select Asset Type
  10. In the Select Assets field, select your Ad account
  11. Click the toggle to activate View Ad Performance
  12. Hit Save Changes


Zartico can only accept Instagram access via Facebook Business Manager. If your Instagram Page is not currently linked to your Facebook Business Manager account, please follow these steps to link the accounts.

If your Facebook page is not connected to Business Manager, follow these steps to add Zartico as an Analyst to your page:

  1. Locate Page Settings at the bottom of the lefthand navigation menu (
  2. Go to Page Roles
  3. Locate Assign a New Page Role
  4. Copy + Paste into the blank field
  5. Click the drop-down menu and select Analyst
  6. Click Add

facebook adding admin


These things can be very confusing. We totally understand. Need more help? Talk to a real human.