How do I access my 3.0 ZDOS®?

Accessing your 3.0 ZDOS is very simple. Learn how here!

We are so excited to launch the clearest ZDOS® available to any destination manager! 3.0 is here and is simpler, faster and more reliable than ever, giving you better insights with less effort. 

Quick Facts

  • You will log into 3.0 at the same login page as usual-- Go to and click the "Login" button. You will be directed to the login page.
  • You will be automatically sent to ZDOS® 3.0 upon logging in!
  • If you want to get over to your 2.0 ZDOS, you can use the toggle at the top where your account name is. Click on your account name, and a dropdown will show up for your 2.0 for you to click on.

Pro Tip: When your 3.0 version is displayed, you will see the text "3.0" ahead of your destination's name at the top. If you don't see a version number ahead of your destination's name, you are in the 2.0 version and need to switch over by clicking your destination's name and toggling to your 3.0 version.

Access 3

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That's it! Enjoy exploring 3.0! 


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