Guide: Your Legislators (Module Overview)

See top-line numbers of the visitor economy for each of the legislative districts in your state, so you can effectively demonstrate the value of the visitor economy to each of your state’s legislative districts. 

Choose the legislator or district from the filters at the top to see where visitors come from, a ranking of city visitation, and where visitors are impacting spending categories besides accommodations and restaurants. We’ll also show you our Visitor-to-Resident ratio, a means of monitoring compression and resident quality of life.

Questions this module is designed to answer: 

  • Where do visitors to your district travel from?

  • What are the most frequently visited cities within your district?

  • How does Visitor-to-Resident Ratio vary by City?

  • What percent of the total patrons are visitors?

  • What are the top points of interest in your district?

Insights you will see in this module include: 

  • Top Origin Markets
  • Top Cities Visited Within District
  • Visitor-to-Resident Ratio
  • Visitors as Percent Of Total Patrons
  • Top 10 Points Of Interest

Watch a walkthrough of the Your Legislators Module in 3.0

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