Can ZDOS® see Different Types of Events at POIs?

Stadiums and conference centers may host a variety of events. Learn more about how to see data for those different events.

Modules like Visitor Flow track visitor movement based on our Place-based Strategy. 

Learn more about the Place-Based Strategy here. 

In the Trends: Visitor Flow module, Categories are used to describe the type of POI (i.e. event venue, sporting facility, attraction).

Categories are determined by Zartico’s place-based strategy. These do not change day-to-day (e.g. if a stadium is used for a football game and concert in the same week, it will always be categorized as sports). 

The best practice would be to understand the events schedule when looking at the POI by date. This will give you an understanding of visitation for the different events. 

Ticketed events can be seen in the Trends: Future Events.

Watch this video to learn more: 

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