Can Zartico measure repeat visitation?

The short answer is yes! Here is how we can measure repeat visitation:

Unique Devices have an associated Common Evening Location (latitude/longitude), defined as the place a device rests or sleeps in the evening. We intelligently assume a device's CEL changes far less frequently than a user's device replacement. For example, a current device ID would already have a consistent Common Evening Location. If or when a user gets a new device, the CEL remains the same but with a different device ID.
Given that insight, our team at Zartico can observe repeat visitation based on the combination of device IDs as well as the Common Evening Location. The combination of these two can help understand and measure return visitation.

The Common Evening Location is only updated once a month, so new devices would take about a month for the Common Evening Location to be identified.  However, a retrospective analysis could be used in this case.

Repeat visitation is illuminated as a dynamic visualization.  Reach out to your Data Advisor to request this dynamic visualization. We can then begin to look at repeat visitation on a regular cadence together.


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